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Barefoot Shoe Comparison for Chubby Baby Feet!

Do you have a little one with chunky toddler feet? If so, it can be a challenge to find shoes that fit - even in the barefoot world. Read on to learn from Louise's quest as she compared brands to fit her babe. Hopefully her experience will save you some time and money! (And if your kiddo doesn't have chunky feet, some of the narrower brands here might work for you, too!)

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I’d like to share my barefoot shoe haul/try on for my toddler with chubby, wide feet and high instep.

Cute chubby baby feet!

-The Froddo were too narrow as well as the Velcro would barely do up on my son showing his instep was probably a hit too high despite being advised these shows are good for wide feet and high instep.

Froddo (blue) vs Camper Peu (brown) & Froddo (blue camo) vs Bundgaard

-The tikki moons and camper peu fitted perfectly! Highly recommend for wide feet and high insteps! camper are the most affordable we found on Amazon for £38!

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-dotty fish fitted great too but my son kept tripping in them because they’re a little too floppy.

dotty fish shoe review, tikki moon shoe review, bottom of sole

-bundgaard wellies were too narrow, despite being advised these are very wide. The Amazon hobbies are a bit wider and therefore better for us and only £15!

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Thanks, Louise for sharing your hard-earned wisdom with us!



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