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Correct Toes vs. Wild Toes

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correct toes vs. wild toes

If you’re on the path to heal and restore your foot function after a lifetime of wearing conventional shoes, you’ve probably heard about toe spacers. 

Traditional shoes (that most of us have spent years cramming our feet into) are designed with a tapered (narrow, pointy) toe box. From formal dress shoes to athletic shoes and everything in between, conventional shoes are all designed with a tapered toe box - and not because that’s what’s best for our bodies! Shoes are actually designed like this for one reason: fashion. 

correct toes vs wild toes

This style of shoe is so widely accepted as the normal shoe shape, that most people don’t even question the ramifications of this style on their foot (and whole body!) health.

But once you become awakened to the reality of what your feet need to function optimally and heal from any injuries or deformities, one of the easiest things you can start with is spreading those toes.

Enter: toe spacers.

correct toes vs. wild toes

There’s a whole world of options out there for you to choose from. Type “toe spacers” into Amazon and you’ll see hundreds of different varieties available to purchase. 

It can be daunting and confusing to even know where to start!

wild toes vs. correct toes

Top: Wild Toes Middle: Correct Toes (size M) Bottom: Gait Happens spacers (size S)

When I began my foot healing journey, I did plenty of research and landed on Correct Toes as the best option. It was a difficult choice, because they’re SO expensive compared to the others ($65 vs $6 on Amazon). But Correct Toes were designed by a podiatrist, and what I learned is that they actually place your toes in the anatomically correct position, rather than arbitrarily spreading your toes open. (Read more here!)

When I first put them on, I felt instant relief. I felt my arch activate as I started walking in them, and my tendonitis pain immediately calmed down. The $65 was absolutely worth it, and Correct Toes have been my go-to ever since. (Actually, more recently, I learned about an identical, but MUCH less expensive alternative by Gait Happens that I’ve been using and loving. You can use my code BarefootGuide10 for 10% off, bringing the total cost down to $22.50!)

But being the foot nerd that I am, I’ve experimented with other options as well.

I had been eyeing Wild Toes by The Foot Collective (an organization I love!) and decided to give them a try to compare. They’re about half the price of Correct Toes ($30), and a bit more expensive than my Correct Toes alternative by Gait Happens ($25).

When I received them in the mail, I immediately noticed that they are a much different product than what I had been using.

Wild Toes are one-size-fits-all, while Correct Toes and the Gait Happens spacers come in different sizes, ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your feet. The silicone bits separating each toe are noticeably wider on the Wild Toes.

The silicone that Wild Toes is made out of is also a lot more gummy and flexible. (And bright green!)

Wild Toes come with loops to fit around your big toe and pinky toe, ensuring that they stay nice and secure as you move around, while Correct Toes do not have that feature.

CT and GH spacers are customizable, allowing you to add a cork insert between the 1st & 2nd, and 4th & 5th toes if needed.

As for my experience wearing the spacers, I can confidently say that my feet are happier in the Correct Toes & Gait Happens spacers. I can feel my arch activate with each step, and have experienced true healing while using them daily. Sometimes, while going barefoot or wearing my trusty Earth Runners (the best barefoot sandal I SWEAR BY), these spacers will start to slip off of my toes. But this doesn’t happen often and isn’t a big deal.

When I put the Wild Toes on, it feels like my toes are being splayed out a bit too much. When I take a few steps in them, I actually feel my arch flatten, which is very much the opposite of what I want! I do like that the silicone is a bit softer, allowing me to wiggle my toes more. And I appreciate the loops on each end to make sure they stay secure. But overall, my feet just don’t like being in these spacers as much.

My husband is also a Correct Toes user, and I had him try the Wild Toes to get his feedback. He wears a size 10 in men’s shoes (EU43), so I thought these might work better for him than they did for me, since his feet are bigger (I wear W8 or EU 39).

He actually liked them better than Correct Toes for the most part! He said he could feel them stretching his toes out wider, and he didn’t get the cramping that he gets with CT (although from my perspective, the cramping could be an indicator that he’s using the right muscles!). He likes that they have more of a gummy texture, and said they’re more comfortable. The only downside he mentioned is that they’re more difficult to take on and off.

  • Available in multiple sizes, ensuring a proper fit

  • Place toes in anatomically correct position

  • Made of medical grade silicone

  • Cause your arch and all proper foot muscles to activate

  • Customizable

  • Easy on/off

  • No outside loop to hold the spacers in place while barefoot or wearing sandals

  • Expensive (Correct Toes only)

  • Stiffer silicone

Wild Toes PROS:

  • Less expensive than Correct Toes ($22 vs $65), but about the same price as Gait Happens

  • Comes with toe resistance band and lifetime access to The Foot Collective Foot Training System (a valuable perk!)

  • Softer, more comfortable material

  • Stay more securely on a bare foot

Wild Toes CONS:

  • Only available in one size

  • Not medical grade silicone

  • Only available in a bright green color

  • Don’t necessarily cause your foot muscles to activate as they should while being active

  • Difficult to put on and take off

  • Not as durable

In conclusion, I stand by Correct Toes and Gait Happens spacers as the best option for activating and strengthening your feet. I think the Wild Toes could be useful for a more passive stretching out of your toes, while watching TV or working on the computer. But I personally wouldn't use them for walking or exercise. However, there are other foot pros who wear Wild Toes for exercise and find them effective. If you have bigger feet, Wild Toes could work for you.  A good test would be to put them on and see if your feet feel strong and active while bearing your body's weight.

I will say that I love The Foot Collective as an organization, and they truly have so much to offer in terms of support and other amazing foot products. (I have their balance beam, which is SUCH a fun tool for working on foot strength, balance, and just having fun!). They offer tons of education and resources for people looking to strengthen their feet, and are in general a very supportive community. I definitely recommend that you check them out and see what they have to offer!

If you're in the market for new toe spacers, and want to give one of these a try, you can use my coupon code BarefootGuide10 for 10% off the Gait Happens spacers (or anything on the Gait Happens site!), or YourBarefootGuide for 10% off Wild Toes (or anything on The Foot Collective site!).

Your Barefoot Guide,


PS. Have you tried any of these spacers, or a different type? Let me know your experience in the comments!



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