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REVIEW: Crupon Violla

Crupon Violla review

When I first got into barefoot shoes 3 1/2 years ago, I knew I wanted to make shoe purchases that not only met the barefoot criteria, but also made me feel like I could still dress trendy. When I saw the Crupon Violla for the first time, I knew I would be purchasing a pair.

Crupon violla review

I chose the Violla in Ambra. I am usually a size EU38, US womens 7.5. I have low volume, wide feet. When I measured for Crupon, I was in between sizes 37 and 38. Having had issues with sizing down in the past, I chose to size up. I now wish I had gone with a 37 because the leather does give and stretch a bit as you wear them.

Crupon shoes review

They work wonderfully with my low volume, wide feet. The sole is a little thick but still flexible. It just doesn't give that strong, grounded feeling you get from most barefoot shoes.

I have had the Violla for 4 months. I have worn them multiple times a week, and have been able to dress them up, dress them down, and everything in between. They are comfortable, feel a bit fun and trendy, and are sustainably made in small batches the old-fashioned way.

Crupon shoes review


  • Beautiful Italian leather

  • Trendy look

  • Sustainably made

  • Will work for wide feet


  • While still flexible, it has a slightly thicker sole

Kim's note: You can find Crupon sandals on their website, and also on Etsy! Be sure to buy the "barefoot" or "extra wide barefoot" versions of their shoes.

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Hannah is a barefoot loving, stay at home wife and mother. She enjoys cooking, making clay earrings, the outdoors, and spending time with her people.

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7 days ago

Hi, what are you exact foot measurements please? I am 24.6cm in Length and 9 cm in width. I have a pair of these in 39, but they feel so big. But if I go off of their sizing the 38 are too small.


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