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REVIEW: Raum Barefoot Grounding Slip-on Shoes

Raum grounding barefoot shoes review

When I saw these beautiful loafers that looked like traditional shoes, but with the promise of comfort I've found in my barefoot shoes, I wanted to give them a try.

I am usually a size EU38, or women's 7.5. I have wide, low volume feet. I ordered the Ebony in a size 8. When I got them in, I loved the look of them and the feel of the leather.

When I put them on, though, I realized the volume was much too high for my feet. I added thin cork inserts, and that took care of the problem. Now they fit perfectly.

Raum barefoot grounding slip-on shoes review

The sole is slick when you first purchase them, but after a few times of wearing them, the sole will break in. The sole is flexible and thin, the toe box is wide, and they are so pretty.

They are a loafer, so a little more dressy. But, Raums does also have a canvas line that is reminiscent of the TOMS I wore before my barefoot shoe days.

Raum barefoot grounding slip-on shoe review


  • Beautiful style and leather

  • Accommodates high volume feet

  • Wide toe box and thin, flexible sole

  • Well made


  • Slick sole when new - I don't recommend trying to break them in when its icy outside!

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Hannah is a barefoot loving, stay at home wife and mother. She enjoys cooking, making clay earrings, the outdoors, and spending time with her people.

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22 Eki 2023

Hannah, I have love volume feet as well and struggle with loafers and flats. Where did you get the thin cork inserts that corrected the problem for you?



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