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REVIEW: Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG

Vivo barefoot primus trail knit review

I love love love the aesthetic of Vivobarefoot shoes!! In the past, I’ve hesitated to order them because my feet are higher volume and I know that Vivo’s are for low volume feet.

But my running shoes are worn out and I need to find a new pair. I’m also somewhat of a shoe minimalist (I don’t like to have an excess amount of shoes lying around), so I wanted a running shoe that could double as a hiker.

So in spite of not being sure about the fit, I went ahead and ordered these Vivos. I actually found them on Amazon, which made my purchase an easier choice because of free returns just in case.

These shoes are absolutely as beautiful in person as they are on screen. I seriously couldn’t imagine a cooler looking shoe - barefoot or not!

Which is why I was soooo disappointed that these just don’t work for my feet.

For one, the volume issue is true. My high arches make these shoes feel tight and restricted in the midfoot.

Secondly, the height in the toes is very low. My toes can’t wiggle and they feel so claustrophobic in these.

Third, I need to be able to wear Correct Toes while running and hiking, and that just won’t work in these. My pinky toe is waaaay too squished. (see how my pinky toe is totally of the edge of the insole here)

For reference, I’m usually an EU 39 or women’s 8. I ordered these on Amazon in size 8 wide, hoping they would be wider than normal. Upon receiving them, I don’t think the “wide” listed on Amazon means anything.

I’ve heard that Vivobarefoot men’s models are wider, but I’m not able to find this exact style at this price point in a men’s model.

So unfortunately, I will need to send these back.

Here are the pros and cons, from my short experience with the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG:


  • Gorgeous and sleek looking

  • Seem very durable and well made

  • Thin sole for great ground feel

  • Good grip for hiking


  • Only made for low volume feet

  • Stiff (maybe a break-in period would help?)

  • Narrow toe box

  • Low height in toe area

  • Pricey (I paid $155 on Amazon, but are $180 on their website)

In conclusion, if your feet are on the smaller side all around, these could work for you! I’m super super sad that my feet aren’t happy with them, because the style and durability can’t be beat.

Kim's note: Vivobarefoot shoes can be bought directly on their website, but you can also find them on Amazon (with potentially better pricing - not to mention the free and no-hassle returns)!

Amy S. is a labor and delivery nurse, sun-seeking horseback rider, and outdoor-exploring barefoot shoe fanatic!



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