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REVIEW: Xero Shoes Z-Trail EV

Hi everyone! My name is Greg. About two years ago when the summer weather started to roll in, I got my Chaco sandals out of our summer bin and began to wear them. I loved my Chacos. They were great to climb trees, tread water, and hike. However, around the same time, I started wearing Xero Prios to go on my weekly runs. I began to appreciate the freedom of movement and feel my feet had in my Xero running shoes. As a result, my Chaco sandals soon felt like BIG STIFF BLOCKS on my feet. I needed something else.

Sticking with my confidence in Xero footwear, I purchased the Z-Trail EV sandals. Arriving in the black/gray color in my usual size 10, these sandals looked slick and fit very well. Like my Chacos, it took a few days to adjust all the strap lengths just right for my feet. The sandals were easy to slip into and were extremely light compared to my Chacos. It felt like I wasn’t wearing sandals at all.

I quickly began to test these sandals out, doing my normal adventuring. Walking, climbing, hiking, etc. Overall, I found them to be extremely flexible and durable. Over time, I did detect some issues whenever I would pivot or climb. The sandal’s flexibility sometimes caused the sandal to slide off my foot a bit too much. However, I’m super rough on my footwear. My crazy activeness wears out shoes and sandals quickly. I’ve found that these sandals have held up for over two years of activity. Not only that, they’ve become my main footwear for running this summer!

Here are two more things I’d like to say. One additional benefit of these sandals is that they have also been perfect for casual outings with my family or friends. They look sharp, summerish, and minimal.

Lastly, one downside of these sandals is this. The little black rubber ring that the top strap tucks in to stretched and didn’t keep the top strap snuggly tucked. I had my daughter fix this by sewing the rubber ring into the top strap and the strap underneath (see in the picture). It still looks great, and I no longer have that issue.


  • Lightweight

  • Flexible

  • Durable

  • Sharp Looking

  • Great for a variety of activities (climbing, hiking, running, etc.)

  • Can easily wear with my Correct Toes


  • Too loose to pivot

  • Top strap doesn’t stay tucked in rubber ring tightly enough

As someone super rough on footwear, I’m blown away that I’ve been active in these sandals for over two years. I’d highly recommend these to anyone looking for freedom, lightness, and style - for both casual outings and adventures!

Greg W. is a college math teacher, guitarist and rock climber. He loves spending his summer breaks playing with his kids and roaming the country on climbing and backpacking adventures.



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