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REVIEW: Whitin Chelsea Review (with Vivobarefoot comparison)

Just got a pair of these Whitin chelsea boots from Amazon, and I'd say they're pretty good for the price, though nowhere near the quality of the more expensive barefoot brands out there.

Whitin Chelsea boot review

First of all, the website states that they are made of leather but that is definitely false. There is a little bit of a toe spring but it isn't horrible. I don't expect them to be crazy durable since the sole is just glued on, but the stitching is nice and the materials seem like decent quality.

Whitin Chelsea boot review

The ribbed ankle cuff is great - I love the idea of an adjustable shaft height to match an outfit.

Whitin Chelsea boot review

My feet are 24.5x10cm, medium volume, and the size 40 (listed as size 9 Wide on the website) fits great.

I have them pictured side-by-side with my Vivo Fulhams, also size 40. The Vivos are a smidge longer but the Whitins are wider.

Whitin Chelsea boot review


  • Stitching seems solid and materials feel quality

  • Wide and flexible (much wider than Vivobarefoot Chelsea boots!)

  • Ribbed ankle cuff with adjustable shaft

  • True to size

  • Low price

  • Free shipping and returns


  • Not real leather

  • Slight toe lift

  • Not as high quality as the more expensive brands

  • Questionable durability (time will tell)

You can buy the Whitin Chelsea boots here!

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